ACEN 11+ Preparation School

We are pleased to announce that the ACEN 11+ preparation school is commencing its second cohort in the Autumn term of 2024.
The 2024 cohort will comprise of 20 academically strong Black students currently in Y5  as a pathway to obtaining the necessary support to sit the 11+, with the additional benefit of academic stretch for KS2 SATS. Our program aims to address the underrepresentation of Black students in some independent academic institutions with a particular focus on providing access for those for which cost would otherwise be a restriction.
The programme will be delivered in partnership with St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s Schools. With supplementary academic and application support, parents and carers will be encouraged to make applications to independent schools, with the hope that some will also be able to gain access to fee-assisted places (e.g., bursaries or scholarships).
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The sessions will start in the Autumn term of 2024 and will be free to attend. The cohort of children will receive 4 hours of academic support each Saturday in person, over a period of 33 sessions which correspond with independent school term dates. Lessons are held between 9 am and 1 pm with refreshments provided.
Sessions will be led by a team of teachers from St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s.
Supported by the use of the Paideia London platform, we will take a school-like approach with tracking of each student, and all students must enroll for the entire 33-week duration. These sessions will consolidate and strengthen the teaching of Math, English, Verbal, and Non-Verbal Reasoning covering the specific areas required for students taking the 11+ exam.


In line with ACEN’s aims and building capacity within the Black community, as we prepare students to gain places in schools that will start them on the trajectory to top universities and careers, we want to make sure that they widen their education to include an understanding of the world around them and begin to think about the ways in which they too can give back. With this in mind, we aim to make sure we are developing well-rounded, confident, and articulate children with a strong sense of self.
To achieve these aims, we have also added an enrichment section to the program which includes things such as public speaking, confidence building, Black British history, and financial management on a monthly rotation.
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If you are a parent or school that would like to register or refer a child to us, please complete the expression of interest form.
For further programme inquiries, please email