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Retained Consultancy

Retained Consultancy

For schools that are unsure where to start, but keen to embark on an antiracism journey, or, for schools that have already undertaken some work, but require additional help in other areas, our retained consultancy packages may prove valuable.
These can either be procured with the engagement of a single consultant, or, by a team of consultants based on the areas of work for which you would like guidance and/or support.
We have recently been commissioned to facilitate a discussion with a team of 75 teachers in an independent school as a follow-on from questions arising out of unconscious bias training. This example serves to illustrate that in some instances, this conversation does not always need to be structured and flexibility is required to meet the school’s needs. 
Our retained consultancy package includes a free 30-minute consultation and set hours to be used in areas identified by the school and/or ACEN which must be used within a 4-month period.
Examples of popular usage of these hours include:
1. Policy review
2. SLT conversations
3. Working group guidance and conversations
4. Roadmap formulations
5. Ongoing consultation