Schools & Universities

We believe that the key to success is education. However, a student will only thrive in an environment where they are supported, valued, understood, and feel that they belong. 
We work closely with schools and universities offering a range of services and resources to support the development and implementation of their DE&I strategies, as well as provide access to career opportunities at appropriate stages of the academic cycle. 
Do take a look at our website to learn more about the services we offer. Our inaugural anti-racism conference was hugely successful and provided school SLT’s with the opportunity to learn, network, and share experiences. Those in attendance were able to gain valuable insights into the process of developing diversity models for the benefit of their students, teachers, and wider school communities. Testimonies from some of the school leaders in attendance are shared here.
To ensure that the evolving needs and nuances of Black students are embedded within your institution’s blueprint, we will work with you to provide you with insightful and practical ways to improve the diversity of your institution. Register here to become a part of our growing network of schools, colleges, and universities that are committed to putting diversity at the heart of their educational philosophy. 
For more information on the professional services we offer to schools please visit our school training & consultancy page here.