We believe that the difference between attainment and success is fundamentally linked to the availability and accessibility of opportunities. Data tells us students of African and Caribbean descent who outperform their peers are still less likely to achieve the same level of access to appropriate jobs and careers due to their ethnicity.
We partner with corporates who are keen to improve and implement their ”Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” agendas in the real world. By providing access to a highly capable yet underrepresented pool of academically-able young people, we can help you improve the diversity of your workforce at all professional levels within your organisation. 
The world is changing and we are learning that diversity is at the heart of the revolution. It is only by working together as committed allies, that we can create long-lasting change. 
Some of the companies we have worked with include:
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Local Government Association
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Much like that of the academic institutions that we engage with, we know many companies are seeking to educate their organisations on issues of DE&I as part of their own cultural shift.  ACEN is able to offer the same (adapted) training services that we offer to educational establishments such as:
– A comprehensive understanding of the BLM movement today, and the historical and structural factors that have contributed to it
– Understanding how bias can manifest in you and your own setting
– Let’s just talk about race: Towards racial literacy, confidence, and competence
– Freeflow sessions to ask questions in a safe space


We donate a percentage of profits from corporate training and workshops to the ACEN 11+ School which is soon to become a charity. If you would like more information about the initiative please click here.
If you would like to explore ways in which we can help you with your marketing & outreach initiatives, or workshop and training possibilities, please contact