Dr Shola Apena Rogers

Dr Shola Apena Rogers is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and an experienced practitioner and researcher. She has worked within various contexts, including the criminal justice system, Children’s Social Care, the NHS, and the voluntary sector. Shola has extensive experience employing evaluation methodology and project management approaches to advise and work alongside statutory and voluntary agencies. Shola is also a Consultant Trainer delivering Motivational Interviewing, Adolescent Mental Health, and Trauma Informed Practice training programmes.
Shola previously held the position of school governor in a primary school on the curriculum committee.
Shola heads consultancy services for schools and partnerships.
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Aisha Sanusi - ACEN (1)

Aisha Sanusi

Aisha Sanusi has a background in marketing and communications, with a particular focus on communication and content strategies for organisations operating in diverse/cross-cultural spaces.
Similar to the work she does with ACEN, at present, she also works on the design of initiatives and events leading to actionable, institutional, and generational change in higher education and corporate spaces.
In the past, she has worked with a handful of political and charitable organisations operating in the areas of race inequality/equity.
In addition, Aisha runs a handful of educational extracurricular initiatives.
Aisha heads communications, partnerships, and organisational strategy.
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lola - acen dp (1)

Lọ́lá Béjidé

Lola Bejide is the founder of a training and career strategy consultancy, established to equip the younger generations with tools and strategies for success via confidence building, soft skills training, and career trajectory planning so that they are equipped to not only achieve their full potential but empowered to challenge and remove societal/self-imposed blockers. Lola has long been a vocal advocate for racial equity in both the corporate space (particularly during her 18-years as Senior Business Manager within the Investment Banking industry) and more recently within the educational sector. Presently, she is advising the Anti-racist, Diversity & Inclusion committees for a Primary school and a Grammar school.
Lola is currently a Governor at a London primary school and chairs the Personnel & Finance Committee.
Lola heads Social Mobility Strategy & Grammar/State School Advisory.
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Kelly Iyare Headshot

 Kelly I’yare

Kelly Iyare is an entrepreneur and currently runs a family business specialising in logistics. She is a business professional with a creative edge, and has several years of experience in developing business projects in both the UK and Africa.
Kelly has a passion for empowering our future generations and co-founded Y.E.S charity between 2005 – 2012. The charity worked with some of London’s most vulnerable and marginalised young people and helped to tackle, first-hand, issues synonymous with poverty. Her first-hand experience of these youth groups has lead Kelly to education, and she strongly believes that equality of access and educational opportunity are some of the biggest interventions that can directly impact outcomes for all children.
Kelly heads operations.
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