About us

“Our ultimate aim is to directly impact the number of Black people we see in society’s decision making positions over a generation.”

ACEN was founded in 2019 by the parents of three Black and mixed-ethnicity children, all of whom are independently educated.
Through our own experiences, and those of other Black parents in our environments, we recognised that our children face a unique set of opportunities, as well as challenges, and we aim to be proactive in addressing both.
One way in which we have sought to do this is to utilise ‘networks’, encouraging our children and alumni to better leverage their educational privileges into the working world. 
Similarly, we recognise a specific Black representation gap in society’s decision making roles and the interdependencies between those roles with private & grammar education, as well as top university attendance.
To help to tackle this, we want to work with parents and schools on a set of specific initiatives to actively increase the numbers of Black children in independent and grammar education. We also want to work with schools to broaden the curriculum and improve the pastoral experience of our children in these spaces.
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To find out more about the initiatives we’re working on to achieve these aims, please look at what we do here.
ACEN is registered in England as a community interest company. Number 12661830.