About us

‘Addressing inequity and racial justice by improving Black underrepresentation and experiences in influential education and workplace environments’

Established in 2019 by African Caribbean parents, ACEN emerged from a collective understanding of the distinct challenges and opportunities confronting our children. Initially conceived to facilitate access and success within independent and grammar school systems, our vision expanded amidst the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement.

This pivotal moment prompted a broader examination of systemic inequalities within the Black community, particularly the dearth of Black representation in leadership roles across industries. Recognizing the interconnectedness of educational trajectories—from independent and grammar schools to Oxbridge, Russell Group universities and beyond – we redirected our efforts toward fostering racial equity through systemic reform.

While our roots lie in addressing disparities within elite academic institutions, our mission now encompasses all top-tier educational settings where Black students remain underrepresented. By tackling this imbalance, we aim to mitigate the structural barriers impeding the advancement of Black individuals in the workforce – subsequently impacting the various structural deficits faced by the Black community by diversifying the voices that make decisions on our behalf.

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