Training Courses

Bespoke & off-the-shelf training solutions

The majority of the training we deliver such as unconscious bias, racial literacy & racial confidence are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of the school/organisation. These are comprehensive and usually delivered on a half or full-day basis.
However, there are some topics that regularly form part of these sessions that can be delivered singularly. Please see some of the off-the-shelf courses we’re currently offering below.
To book one of these or discuss your bespoke needs please email 
Let’s just talk about race!
This workshop can be tailored for staff, students or parents. Acting as a facilitated yet relaxed ‘safe space’, it will provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and seek clarity on the issues that they may have. Facilitators will also address commonly asked questions and misconceptions, aiming for attendees to walk away feeling more confident in their ability to understand and discuss race and racism.
Duration: 120 minutes
‘We don’t talk about race in our school.’ Helping teachers tackle talking about race
This workshop will explore some of the barriers that teachers experience when talking with each other and with students about race and racism, and will identify the tools needed to cultivate a more racially competent environment.
Duration: 120 minutes
The Major Impact of Microaggressions : Insight into the impact that Microaggressions have on staff and students
This workshop will provide an insight into frequent occurrences of microaggressions and the impacts they have on receivers. It will explore the significant impact of micro-aggressive behaviors and discuss techniques to reduce/eliminate common occurrences.
Duration: 90 minutes
‘Why is diversity so hard?’ Accessing the benefits of diversity
This workshop will explore some of the real barriers faced by schools trying to implement diversity initiatives, and will explore the practical steps they can take to access the benefits of having more diversity in their staff and student populations.
Duration: 120 minutes