Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG)

The ACEN Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG), founded in 2022, is a student-led group of 11–18-year-olds dedicated to assisting ACEN in achieving our goal of impacting the number of Black people we see in decision-making positions.

As this work is ultimately done for us, the children, it is important that we have an input into what ACEN delivers.

The YPAG meets once a month to plan our input into summits and the other projects that we undertake to engage children in all that ACEN has to offer.

Current projects we are working on:

  • Developing a podcast
  • Setting up Black student well-being and networking sessions
  • Contributing to the YPAG panel at the ACEN Anti-Racism Conference (Oct 2023)
Why we have created and joined the YPAG

To be more active in my community.

Young people will become the adults of the next generation, so they should have an input in the society they will inherit.

To be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. It’s also a great way to develop leadership and communication skills.

To find out more ways to get involved in racial issues as a member of my D&I committee at school.

As education is supposed to be about nurturing young minds, this generation that we are trying to teach should have the best options and advice surrounding it.

As young black people currently in education, we play an important role in sharing our experiences. I think young people can often have insightful and creative ideas to solving issues.

It’s important to listen those from marginalised groups in order for policies and programmes represent all groups of society.

We have a different perspective from adults and our view of the world can help shape policies and ideologies implemented by adults for the benefit of the next generation.