Whether school selection, exam support, extra-curricular activities, or work experience opportunities, ACEN exists to support students and parents so we can ensure positive educational experiences for our children in top academic institutions, and use schooling as a route to impact the number of Black people in decision-making positions across industries, over a generation.

One vital way in which we have sought to do this is to utilise ‘networks’ in a way that is synonymous with such institutions. With this in mind, we urge members to look at ACEN as a long-term investment, directly supplementing the investment they have made in their children’s education to date.

Please take a look at the services and initiatives we offer to students here and schools here.

If you would like us to contact your school and raise awareness of our anti-racism services and network, please complete this form.

Please note the registration option is for parents of students aged 16 and below. If you have a child age 16+, they can register independently.

Registered members have access to:

A member discussion group

  • An exam support group
  • A fortnightly newsletter sharing our latest initiatives alongside community-focused, school and workplace opportunities and events
  • Network-focused supplementary education webinars and in-person events
  • Networking & social events