2023 Junior School Conference

Following on from the success of our senior school anti-racism conferences held in Dulwich College and St Paul’s School, ACEN held its first anti-racism guidance event specifically for prep schools, the attendee list of which can be found HERE.

The event was held at:

Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park
19 May 2023
10am – 4pm

Schools were introduced to the work undertaken by Highgate School and Wimbledon High Junior School (GDST), two schools with which ACEN has been working closely, and how they have identified, ordered, and implemented anti-racism principles within their wider DEI functions.

ACEN ran a workshop on age-appropriate racial understanding and literacy, empowering attendees to acquire the tools to have these conversations confidently with parents, students, and stakeholders in their own environments.

The ACEN Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) and student representatives from Dulwich College, Haberdahsers’ Boys’ School and Dulwich College talked to attendees about their experiences in junior schools, helping delegates better understand how ‘othering’ is experienced and internalised in younger years.

The conference ended with an open, Q&A based session which helped schools apply the lessons learned over the course of the day, to support and plan the work they are undertaking in their own settings.

The school presentations were delivered by Claire Boyd, Junior School Head of Wimbledon High Junior School, Gideon Zucker, Pre Prep Deputy Principal, and Dr Enya Doyle, former Director of Inclusion of Highgate School. As such, the content was tailored to SLTs, with a particular focus on whole-school thinking and top-down implementation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact info info@aceducationnetwork.com

Event address:
Francis Holland School Regent’s Park
St Cyprian’s Church
Glenworth Street


Start End Format Session Delivered by
9:15 9:45 Registration & refreshments
9.55 10.00 Welcome Welcome address Katharine Woodcock – Headmistress, Francis Holland School Regent’s Park
10.00 10.15 Talk Missing perspectives Aisha Sanusi, Director – ACEN & Dr Frances Baawuah, Governor, Francis Holland & ACEN
10.15 11.00 Presentation Why, how, and what lessons are we learning on our anti-racism journey at Wimbledon High Junior School Claire Boyd, Head – Wimbledon High Junior School (GDST)
11:00 11:30 Break
11:30 12:15 Talk An inclusive prep school curriculum and classroom. The Highgate approach Dr Gideon Zucker, Deputy Principal & Dr Enya Doyle, former Director of Inclusion – Highgate School
12:15 13:30 Workshop Age-appropriate racial literacy ACEN
13:30 14:30 Lunch
14:30 15:15 Presentation  

What would have helped our sense of belonging – in retrospect

ACEN Young People’s Advisory Group
15:15 16:00 Discussion/support-based planning workshop session School specific planning All presenters & facilitators