Corporate Partnerships

ACEN are expanding our work with corporate organisations to provide visibility, access, and experiences of a range of career-oriented schemes for underrepresented Black students in corporate spaces. With our growing, targeted network of Black students and our collective professional experience, we are uniquely placed to support corporations to diversify their work environments with engaged and able young Black talent.


We work with corporates to provide the following core services:
1. Targeted Outreach
Where a corporate is finding that in spite of their efforts, they are unable to attract desired numbers of appropriately qualified Black students to apply to their graduate or career-based schemes, we will work with you to improve attendance and/or applications to your programmes.
2. Event Support or/and Co-ordination
Both online and in-person, we support and deliver events to provide students with the opportunity to experience graduate and career opportunities to which they may otherwise not have had exposure. We usually find that co-hosting an event with our corporate partners yields the best results. This can be both online or in-person.
3. Consulting
With the close relationship we have with both our existing clients and our Black student, parent, and teacher network, and our extensive experience in advising organisations on how to embed anti-racism practices within their institutions, we are able to identify (often unintentional) barriers to entry for Black students. This knowledge allows us to effectively and creatively solutionise while ensuring that we support and enhance corporate EDI intentions, allowing us to respectfully shape/tweak initiatives that will engage Black students, subsequently enriching your business both experientially and ultimately financially.
4. Race Specific Training
We currently work closely with elite educational institutions and associations to deliver anti-racism training to senior leadership teams, staff, and students alike. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly strong and we understand that the young Black people who ultimately benefit from the increased culturally competent environments need this to follow through to the workplace. Our highly skilled facilitators are well versed in helping institutions to develop environments that genuinely embody inclusion for all using a framework that brings all stakeholders on board.
Equally, because a large part of ACEN’s activities involve the same equity gaps that many corporates are actively trying to address within their EDI strategy, engaging ACEN to deliver company training in this area provides you with the added benefit of working with an organisation that will re-deploy funds into further student development.
Further details on the available training can be found here.
We can offer one or more of any of the above. We are also happy to discuss any bespoke requirements that you may have.