Anti Racism Conference

Date: 21st September 2021
Time:  9am – 4pm
Location: Dulwich College, London


“Anti-Racist Education – Challenges, Lessons, and Solutions” ACEN conference in conjunction with Dulwich College.


With a line-up of powerful speakers and facilitators, this conference is aimed at headteachers and SLT members from the independent and grammar sectors.
It seeks to address:
1. The progress made by schools seeking to become anti-racist
2. The ways in which schools can continue to address structural inequalities
3. Further clarity and understanding of the many D&I challenges
4. The experiences of the black child, parent, teachers, and support staff in independent education


Some of the workshops and talks we will deliver include topics such as:
1. Cultural humility
2. Difficult conversations/reading/learning etc
3. The Issue with ‘BAME’
4. From colour blindness to colour consciousness
5. Racial literacy
6. Planning the anti-racism journey in your school & creating racially equitable educational environments
7. Structural inequality and the responsibility of the sector to get ant racism right – shaping tomorrow’s leaders and society.
8. The ‘value’ of true inclusivity


A full program, timetable, speakers, workshop facilitators, pricing, and booking information will be published by 16th June 2021.


If you have any queries please email