Anti-Racist School Leaders Circle

Launching May 2023, these sessions are for all EDI and safeguarding leads, and will facilitate cross-school learning, open discussion, problem-solving incorporating anti-racist best practice. 
The focus of each session will be communicated in advance and led by a subject expert. The expert will open with a presentation and the remainder of the session will be discussion-based. 
An additional session will be run annually, specifically for heads. 
Please note these sessions are not limited to one person per school.
The sessions are priced at £395 per person, per annum which includes the head’s session.
For more information, please contact  


Each session will be held from 16:00 – 17:30
– Thursday 25th May 2023
– Thursday 14th September 2023
– Thursday 21st September 2023 – Heads session
– Thursday 25th January 2024
Please note the first group is now FULL.
Another cohort will start in October 2023 and the dates will be:
– 9th October 2023
– 1st February 2024
– 8th February 2024 (Heads session)
– 23rd May 2024