Boarding School Training

ACEN, Every Future Foundation & Ann Marie Christian have partnered to create a whole-school anti-racism training service designed explicitly for boarding schools. The training will help foster physically and psychologically safe spaces for students and staff by bringing greater awareness and strategies for intervention to the issues most commonly reported by students and staff by focusing on:
– Safety in school
– Safety in the community
– Culturally considered safeguarding practice


Whole school, single-day delivery. x4 two hour sessions ran simultaneously (Y12&13 merged). Two facilitators (one facilitator per year group). Delivered by Every Future Foundation.
Time Format Title Content Covered
30 mins Year group assembly Foundation racial literacy 1. Identifying different levels of racism

2. Recognising and reflecting on unconscious bias and stereotypes

45 mins Form-based activities (led by form tutors) Identifying casual racism and its impacts Understanding microaggressions and how to challenge them
45 mins Year group assembly Becoming an upstander Peer-to-peer sharing of upstander intervention suggestions
Sample Timing
Morning Session:
10am – 12pm
Facilitator 1 – Year 9
Facilitator 2 – Year 10
Afternoon Session:
1pm – 3pm
Facilitator 1 – Year 11
Facilitator 2 – Year 12+13


Whole school delivery over a half day INSET. 2 facilitators delivering simultaneously. Delivered by ACEN.
Time  Format Title Content covered
45 Mins Whole school presentation with Q&A  Comprehensively understanding racism in schools 
  1. An introduction to anti-racism within the context of the UK 
  2. The rationale for anti-racism within your school setting
  3. Organisational and individual responsibilities and actions
  4.  An introduction to terminology
60 Mins Interactive workshop with small group activities Recognising & challenging overt & covert racism 
  1. Acquiring vocabulary and confidence to talk about race
  2. Recognising and challenging racist incidents inside and outside of the classroom


Whole school or allocated staff on request. Delivered over a half-day INSET or a satellite session. Online or in-person. 1 facilitator. Delivered by Ann Marie Christian.
90 Mins Workshop Culturally considered safeguarding within school and the local community


Ann Marie Christian

Ann Marie is a safeguarding and qualified social worker. She has worked for various local authorities on the front line, in management, as a local Safeguarding Children Board trainer, a LADO, a Safeguarding advisor to schools, a school improvement advisor, as a Designated Safeguarding Lead trainer, and Designated Safeguarding Lead coordinator.
She is well known amongst her peers and is very passionate about keeping children safe and sharing her knowledge about child abuse and violence against women and children.
In 2003 she managed a Child Protection Team for a Local Authority and supported 75 local schools with child protection advice, training and consultancy. In 2010, she became an independent social worker and provided associate consultancy and training to various organisations including the NSPCC, Local Authorities, the ISI, Early Years Teams, Youth Justice Teams, The Boarding School Association, The Key for Leaders, Optimus Education, The Council of International Schools, AEGIS, IAPS, Charities, Faith organisations, The Premier League, Multi-Academy Trusts and more. She writes articles and has contributed to Head Teachers Update, SEN Magazine, and Nursery World. She has also written courses for Optimus, Educare, and the Key for Leaders.
Ann Marie raises awareness of child abuse and promotes child protection internationally and over the last few years delivers training and keynotes in Dubai, Singapore, Monaco, Jamaica, Japan and Armenia.
She was’ Highly Commended’ and received an award at the Win Trade Awards 2019 for ‘Woman in the Public Sector’ and was nominated in 2018 & 2019 for the NSPCC Child Protection Trainer of the Year.

Every Future Foundation

Every Future Foundation is an education based anti-racism charity committed to building racially equal and inclusive schools through preventative and educational programmes. EFF aims to eradicate racism in educational institutions in the UK with the belief that, to bring lasting racial equality, we must create a new generation of leaders with a solid and early foundation of education on race and equity, combined with leadership skills and trust.
EFF has worked with more than 40 schools across the UK including Lillian Bayliss Technology School, Alleyn’s, Bolder Academy, Whitgift School, Oasis Academy, Dulwich College, Sedbergh School, Forest School and Ashville College. Their curriculum is mapped against Ofsted benchmarks, and through their workshops in these schools, they have impacted around 3000 students and 250 teachers. Their programmes have proved to improve racial empathy among students and decrease colour blindness. Through their programmes, they have seen a notable increase in racial empathy measured in understanding how privilege shows up in society and attitudes towards immigration and other cultures. They are also collaborating with councils like RBKC and Westminster to roll out council-wide anti-racism programmes for staff to develop inclusive and safe school environment and culture.


For more information and to book please email, or schedule a meeting slot here.
The price for the entire package as outlined above is £3500
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