Equality & Equity Charter


ACEN has partnered with The Black Curriculum to create an Anti-Racism Charter. The Charter is designed to help schools on their way to becoming actively anti-racist spaces so that children from African and Caribbean backgrounds will benefit from the same sense of belonging as their peers. 
The Charter will help schools to prepare for and implement a strategy to:
– Help recruit and train appropriate leadership.
– To set racially inclusive policy and implement processes. 
– To reform curricula and pedagogy so these reflect the experiences and needs of African and Caribbean pupils.
– To ensure strong community-building in which schools know and understand the demographic of their community and can better foster cultures of belonging.
– Set key indicators for continuous monitoring in order to detect problems and demonstrate improvement.


We have created the ACEN anti-racism charter in line with the following organisational aims:
– For our children to be engaged and educated in actively anti-racist environments
– To consult educational institutions and provide initiatives that help to guide the required shift from non-racist to anti-racist – with a specific anti-black racism remit
– Equity – For our children to have access to and occupy positions of influence and leadership in a variety of roles across all industries.
To aid in the implementation of anti-racist planning, accountability, and long-term strategy, the ACEN charter is a set of actions schools should demonstrably be working towards.
The charter areas have been carefully thought out to enable this, and we have summarised a set of clear, achievable, and measurable steps ensuring the most successful outcomes. 


The charter is split into three distinct areas

Leadership & Processes & Policy

(Lead by ACEN)

Curriculum & Pedagogy

 (Lead by The Black Curriculum)

Community & Belonging

(Lead by ACEN)

Each area includes specific outcomes which will provide evidence that this work is being undertaken and/or has been achieved.
Our anti-racist kitemark is supported and sought by our UK-wide network of parents, teachers, and students.
Once earned, schools may add the kitemark to their own marketing material and website. ACEN and The Black Curriculum will additionally sign-post these schools on our own websites:

Upon completion of one area, schools will be awarded the Bronze kitemark


Upon completion of two areas, schools will be awarded the Silver kitemark


Upon completion of two areas, schools will be awarded the Gold kitemark

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