ACEN is committed to ensuring that the network provides fully comprehensive support to those in the education sector who are interested in furthering the aspirations of both students and themselves.
Within the UK, there is a stark shortage of governors of African and Caribbean descent, which consequently means that decision makers are not reflective of the student body that they serve. It is therefore incumbent upon us to seek to increase the diversity at the school board level. Increased representation will ensure that Black students’ needs are advocated for, and that educational institutions will contain voices that champion the evolution of non-bias standards to ensure equitable access to all areas of school life, for all students, and staff.
It is crucial that we are represented not only in ‘top-tier’ educational institutions as students and teachers, but also as strategic decision-makers. To this end, we are passionate about providing support and acting as a conduit for those who are seeking to become school governors, and connecting with existing board members as a network. 
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