Please note the ACEN 11+ preparation school is on hold until September 2023 so the information below relates to our existing 20/21 program. However, the aims, objectives, core team, and format will largely remain the same so this information has been kept here for you to view.
In the meantime, we are actively looking for schools and organisations to partner with on this initiative. If you would like to find out more please contact
If you are a parent or school that would like to register or refer a child to us, please complete the expression of interest form located at the bottom of this page.
The ACEN 11+ preparation school has been created with the specific remit to prepare children of African & Caribbean heritage aged 9 and 10-years-old for the 11+ exams or 13+ for existing prep school students sitting the exams in Year 5).
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Lessons are held on Saturdays between 9 am and 1 pm.
For most students, we offer a comprehensive fee subsidy program which is administered on a case-by-case basis. For more information please get in touch with
Classes are delivered online with half-termly assessments and meetups in Dulwich College.
With supervision ratios of 5:1, lessons will be led by a Y5 prep school class teacher and supported by 11+ tutors with proven track records of getting students into top independent and grammar schools such as Westminster, Wilsons & CLGS.
Run over a period of 32 weeks, optional, intense holiday programs will also be available for two weeks over the summer holidays (in advance of grammar school entrance exams) and the Christmas holidays (in advance of independent school entrance exams).
Supported by the use of the ATOM learning platform, we will take a school-like approach with forensic tracking of each student, and all students must enroll for the entire 32-week duration. We ask for this commitment from parents who are solely aiming for grammar schools as it allows us time to deliver the curriculum with the required depth. This will ensure that these students are not only granted access to their desired schools, but their continued attendance will result in strong SAT grades ensuring they are placed in the higher ability sets upon commencing year 7.
These sessions will consolidate and strengthen the teaching of Math, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning covering the specific areas required for students taking the 11+ exam (or 13+ for existing prep school students).



In line with ACEN’s aims and building capacity within the Black community, as we prepare students to gain places in schools that will start them on the trajectory to top universities and careers, we want to make sure that they widen their education to include an understanding of the world around them and begin to think about the ways in which they too can give back. With this in mind, we aim to make sure we are developing well-rounded, confident, and articulate children with a strong sense of self.
To achieve these aims, we have also added an enrichment section to the program which includes things such as public speaking, confidence building, Black British history, and financial management on a monthly rotation.