Our core activities are based around Black students, teachers, and parents who currently, actively engage with educational institutions, in line with our wider organisational aims. However, we are keen to extend the benefits of the network to professionals who are interested in improving their own career opportunities, as well as those of others.
The benefits of networking are well-documented. At ACEN we provide a unique opportunity to strengthen and widen network building options for our community. So whether you would like to offer opportunities to current students, or want to take advantage of the professional network for your own career progression please register HERE.
We will be launching our comprehensive membership package in spring 2022, offering our comprehensive database of members a wide range of benefits including (but not limited to) careers advice, mentoring, and work experience opportunities.


– To provide support and advice for African and Caribbean parents accessing and navigating the independent and grammar school systems
– To create and capitalise on networks to build capacity within the Black community
– To create networks for our children to capitalise on now, and into the future
– To broaden our children’s education and include political, economic, social, and historical teaching
– To provide anti-racism services for schools and organisations in relation to issues impacting on our children and wider community, as minorities, in these environments